Cats photoshopped as noir detectives

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Expand for Adventures with Gus Table of Contents

Where we left off…

Gus and Oliver celebrated their birthdays (or adoption days) by getting new cat furniture. Ollie doesn’t seem interested in it at all. Spring entered New Jersey with a blizzard.


Taking adventures through the woods with Gus has certainly paid off with exploring the natural world and with finding special treasures. We try not to have a huge carbon footprint. I only pick up and take things that are of particular interest and will be cared for inside the Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency headquarters. It’s kind of like “The Library” in that sense.

Have I mentioned how much of an indoors person I am? I’m not “outdoorsy”. My skin hates the sun. I have bug phobias. I’m not athletic. Yet, this panther child has me hiking almost every day, sometimes twice. I’ve been grateful for snow days in this particular case. Bonding with nature is something I haven’t done in decades. Though this has been a harsh winter, it’s been a good one for me and Gus. We’ve spent a fair amount of time out there in the woods exploring whenever it was above twenty degrees. I would have preferred a minimum temperature of forty, but Gus knows exactly what whining pitch to make that will irritate me until I take him out.


After a couple of the March storms, I found some lovely little sticks during Guster walks. They were interesting because the wind stripped all the bark from them. They appear to be the same wood, but I don’t know what that is.

First Stick

To me, they looked like magickal wands that wouldn’t need any alterations to put into use. I suppose they could have wrapped ribbon handles or some extra sanding to the points, but I like them the way they are.


Gus hasn’t taken any interest in magickal rituals. He chooses to investigate the maging portals and check on the fae folk. If I get the tarot cards out, he looks at them and then usually lies down on them.

“The olive branch has been consecrated to peace, palm branches to victory, the laurel to conquest and poetry, the myrtle to love and pleasure, the cypress to mourning, and the willow to despondency.” Dorothea Dix

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