Cats photoshopped as noir detectives

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Where we left off…

Detective Inspector Guster Nabu and his partner at the detective agency, Professor Oliver Winchester have been taking a lot of photos and notes on the increased wildlife activity around the grounds of the Winchester-Nabu estate.


Ollie and Gus

One of the best places for observation at the agency is the second floor veranda. This porch provides views on three sides of the main building even though it doesn’t wrap around as a proper veranda should.

Ollie helping plant flowers

I tried to make this area more welcoming and provide a little of the greater outdoors for the cats and the humans. The first thing planted was the cat grass in pots and in the long flower box. Then we got a large bounty of snapdragons so the cat grass was condensed to the pots where the cats could reach them and the snapdragons were put in the flower box, two hanging baskets (most notably the one chosen by the finches for nesting), and a pot. Ollie is particularly fond of making a good salad out of the snapdragons.

Due to increased humidity we haven’t been spending a lot of time there recently. The heat and lack of water resources (the well keeps having problems), the cat grass began looking more like straw; and the snapdragons prospered for weeks but then died. Some of them are blossoming from new buds which Ollie rapidly tore apart and ate.

Jekyll Hyde quote

After spending half of a day on the stretch of Hell called Route 31 in order to spend only one hour in training, I decided to stop at the local hardware/home improvement shop. It’s a little Ace Hardware that has some extras like a small craft section. I feel better shopping there than a depot if I can find what I want. Fortunately, they had four small pots of catnip left and everything in the garden section was half price. I got all four for just under nine dollars. Gus helped me replace the dried cat grass with the new catnip plants. Oliver wanted to come out too, but he goes at “Ollie speed” which is sluggish. I got fed up waiting by the door for him. The only time Ollie is fast is when it’s time for buggy rides.

Ollie in buggy.

The next morning, the detectives got their walks and breakfast. Gus was amped up as usual. Now when he acts out and cries for attention we go through trials and errors: do you want the Dot? Treats? Another walk? Porch time for catnip?

Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency catnip pics

Both of them went out on the porch eventually. The plan was they would enjoy chomping on plants while I listened to the Relax Melodies app and meditated.


Oliver began enjoying the catnip at Ollie speed. First he played with it then he started to smell it and took a small taste.

Gus got put in time-out twice (that just means he goes inside). He experienced what we’re calling The Hyde Reaction. All Ollie wanted to do was lie on his back and close his eyes. Gus wouldn’t stop attacking him. At least Oliver stood up for himself each time. Based on observational evidence, I’d say they were equally covered in tufts of the other’s fur.


After one of their wrestling matches which had disturbed yet another attempt for me to meditate, I saw an enormous bird land on the Old Man’s building. Guster saw it too. He stopped his bullying antics for a moment to watch. The vulture landed on the gutter then spread its wings and hopped up to the peak of the roof. After only a minute or so, it took off.

Jekyll Hyde Gus quote

I closed my eyes again and after five more uninterrupted minutes, we went inside.

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