AMBER LOVE 20-MAY-2014 A few days ago I attended the annual STEAMPUNK WORLD’S FAIR. While enjoying a weekend away and alone in a hotel room, I was able to take enough pictures for three galleries. The Steampunk Vampire, the XXX Shower Scene, and these old fashioned bedroom pictures. My hair was up in a tight bun then I took it out without fixing it all. I liked how it was messy and wavy so I didn’t attempt to change it. The furniture in the room reminded me of 70’s sitcom stage dressing like you would see on The Partridge Family or The Brady Bunch. Those elements coupled with the tired housewife appearance are why I call this my MILF set.

This is almost 30 pictures of me relaxing in a hotel room with a comfy chair and king size bed all alone. All the shots were taken with my Samsung S4 and filters were with Camera Zoom FX.

Since some of these are reminiscent of figure modeling poses that I do for longer sessions (20 minutes or more), I feel comfortable releasing them for free in case anyone is looking for sketching material.


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3 Comments on Glamour Retro Boudoir Nudes (NSFW)

  1. Dear Amber

    I’m an artist living on the edge of Dartmoor, England. I studied at the Royal College of Art in London and have stone carved figures on the front of the cathedral in Edinburgh. I was looking for some modelling poses to draw from when I came across your site. I just wanted to say that I think you are great. I like your writing and your sense of fun. The costumes you make are brilliant. I also think you are very beautiful, very much so. Thank you Amber

    best wishes


    • Thank you, Daniel!
      There are some good books out there for anatomy whenever you need to flex your skills on realism. Bridgman’s was always recommended. I think a lot of basic anatomy drawing skills are lost when people start creating superheroes. They have no concept at all of fabric. Even very tight fabric doesn’t show musculature the way it’s shown in comics. And the breasts are always such a problem. Female characters that have unzipped suits never have bras underneath and their breasts are perfectly defying gravity. It shows that artists are using breast implants as reference which is fine if their character happens to have implants, otherwise, it’s way off.

  2. Amber, I like the anatomy in Matisse’s drawings and paintings. His nudes are never objectified and you always have the sense that he likes the women that he paints. The odalisque as a form allows the feminine to be seen as a strong virtue. His figures seem to express their own will, I like that. As for superheroes I completely agree. We live in a gravitational universe! I like the way you dress as it feels like a real representation of how women are, rather than an unrealistic representation of a male fantasy. I teach a class of seventy year olds and admire their beauty for who they are and how they look and tend to think of the youthfulness of spirit. I’ve used Myerbridge in the past for reference as well as clothed photographic figures, thank you for your suggestion. I’m a great believer in the imagination for most things in life and as the best resource for self expression and happiness.

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