2014 at DuCret

AMBER LOVE 16-SEPT-2014 I took a few more pictures during today’s figure drawing class at DuCret School of Art.

2014 at Home:

AMBER LOVE 31-MAY-2014 For no real reason except that my schedule has destroyed my availability to model at all my favorite places, I just spent some time shooting sample poses for the hell of it. I really miss modeling. I’m available on weekends and it’s hard to find classes for that. Once you tell any facility that you’re not available, even if it’s clearly stated “not available during the day,” they stop calling.


Older Samples from DuCret 2012:

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4 Comments on Sample Figure Poses

  1. Oh Amber you have such a busy life. I love your pictures I love the way your essence draws people who draw you anyway just want to know how you’re doing due to the weather

    • Hi, Not at the moment because of the pandemic, but I’m still on their list if they need me. My daily schedule before the closures was consumed by yoga classes and yoga teaching so I didn’t have much time to fit modeling in, but I still try to make myself available, especially for DuCret because they’re so cool there.

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