It’s HALLOWEEN 2010 and I got to spend it shooting pin-up photos for artist Jay Fife. Jay told me that there’s a strange phenomenon where he finds himself drawing Harley Quinn an awful lot. She’s popular. No doubt about it – when there are a dozen or more at a major convention, you know DC hit gold with her.

For this shoot I was channeling Brian Azzarello’s Harley from his graphic novel JOKER. When Jay said he couldn’t hold the camera still because he was shaking, I wasn’t sure why. Then he said I was scaring him a little because I “do demented too well.” My stay in Arkham Asylum’s New Jersey unit was rather brief but enough to keep me screwed up for life. I take Jay’s remark as a compliment because honestly, I’m not a good actress so all that crazy is real. 🙂

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