UPDATED: 09-MARCH-2023 Sadly, the webcomic shut down. 🙁

UPDATED: 07-JUNE-2014 The huge omnibus for SUBCULTURE is now available in paperback from Action Lab Entertainment! It’s also available for Amazon Kindle. 🙂

UPDATED: 25-OCT-2011: A short one-off strip about a real experience I had at a con. Strip #401 YE OLDE SKEEZE UPDATED: 18-OCT-2011: I wrote a two-parter for SUBCULTURE this month just around the time of NY Comic Con.

  • Strip #398 SLAVE LEIA 1
  • Strip #399 SLAVE LEIA 2

28-MARCH-2011 I’m thrilled to announce that my story arc for SUBCULTURE begins today with strip #342! Stick around for eight parts of geekery about gaming conventions, comic shops and Free Comic Book Day.

  • 01- April: Strip #342 L3WT FOR LOVE
  • 04-April: Strip #343 OUT OF THE DATING POOL
  • 05-April: Strip #344 BWAH HAH HAH
  • 08-April: Strip #345 LIFE OF LUXURY
  • 12-April: Strip #346 A LITTLE PICK ME UP
  • 19-April: Strip #347 JAMAL IGLE
  • 22-April: Strip #348 MIKE NORTON
  • 26-April: Strip #349 JAMAL IGLE & MIKE NORTON

I might not know much about gaming, but I love the gamers and love the fact that it’s as diverse as comics. There truly is every genre and style imaginable. I have attended to major gaming cons and they happen to be right here in NJ a mere hour from where I live. Run by the Double Exposure company, both Dreamation and Dex-Con were used as inspiration for me when writing my story arc.

Useless Amber Trivia: My first D&D character was an elf named Amber.


My arc stretches a previous arc that Sunny and Jason are supposed to be hiding their real dating relationship under the guise of spying on each other’s comic shop. Creator Kevin Freeman probably would have preferred having that put to rest so the characters’ relationship could be out in the open, but with Free Comic Book Day approaching I had the idea of Merlin’s Outhouse and Kingdom Comix being in bitter competition over getting creators to appear for signings. You can be sure to show your love of SUBCULTURE by stocking up on the trade paperbacks or showing off your sexy self in an official SUBCULTURE t-shirt like I wear. It’s got the image of Noel saying, “Back off, Fanboy!” Now how perfect is that? Totally perfect. You can also LIKE us over at Facebook. Despite what a piece of crap that network is, it is the Goliath to which we bow these days. And finally, if you have a blog of your own, please consider linking to SUBCULTURE. Below are a couple of the banners available but there are more at the official site.

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