She first appeared in MYSTIC COMICS #4 back in 1940. I made this costume as part of a challenge to myself to create a whole outfit while at a convention. I did so at the CGS Supershow in 2011.

I love ComicVine’s recap of this character’s Golden Age history:

Claire was revived by Satan and transformed into a demoness. Granted with a variety of new powers, Claire was sent back to Earth to get revenge on her murderer. Finding him alone, she placed her hand on his forehead and, in a flash of fire and brimstone, he died, the symbol of the black widow branded onto his corpse. She returned to Satan who then rechristens her the Black Widow and tasks her with expediting the process of sending the souls of evil men from Earth to Hell.

Likewise, the newer incarnation of Black Widow that appeared in THE TWELVE by Chris Weston and JMS:

Claire swore on her sister’s grave that she would give anything to avenge her death. Satan made her an offer: she would get her revenge, that she would be ageless and powerful, but she would be in his service for an eternity, she consented. Her first victim was the man who killed her sister, and from that day on she killed for Satan, but only those who were evil and belonged to Satan already.

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