DEC, 2010 – Ever since I realized there was a resurgence in the vintage pin-ups of the WWII era (hey, whatdya know, war is good for something), I knew that I would eventually find a way to partake in the scene. The pin-up look is more than wardrobe. It’s hair, makeup, and setting. A perfect pin-up shoot embraces all of this like recreations of dark brunettes in diners or red lipsticked blondes saluting the soldiers.


I haven’t had the opportunity to do a full-on shoot with all the hair, makeup and scenery but I finally splurged on a dress and hair accessoryfrom PinUpGirlClothing.com and Betsey Johnson shoes from TJ Maxx. Artist Jay Fife loves to take photos that he can put in his reference vault. You never know when you’re going to get a commission for Bettie Page or Faye Wray. Babes and Monsters go together rather well.

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2 Comments on Rockabilly Meets Retro

  1. I saw the dress on Facebook,and wondered what series it was from.I like it.You definitely have a great period look.as alway reat pics.

  2. theyre all beautiful and torn right out of my erotic imagination! did i dream you up?! i follow you on facebook but i had no idea you were this bold and gorgeous! sorry, but i may have to jack to some of these photos! cant help it! just so turned on! sorry!

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