DEC, 2010 – POWER GIRL pin up photoshoot based on the character from the Bronze Age of comics’ Justice Society of America.

I’m sure there are people out there who like the holidays even less than I do. I don’t mean to make it sound like I’m complete Scrooge but I do feel a lot of pressure from the commercialization and consumerism. I always end up wishing that I could buy my loved ones fantastic gifts only Bruce Wayne could afford.

For whatever reason, I just get even more depressed than usual. My remedy for that is to try and make other people feel good. You may hear me say that I describe myself as the most hopeful depressed person you’ll ever meet. I’m always Hoping… for things to be better for myself and my friends and my family. I’m always Hoping the world won’t suck as bad tomorrow as it does today.

Laughter and smiles are great therapy, I promise you that. So even though I’d like to give all my friends cars the way Oprah would, instead I’m offering up just a small token by virtue of photos that were taken this week in the Hope that they bring some smiles. It was really a Power Girl photoshoot but once I was wearing just the wig, I couldn’t help but feel that I looked quite mod/vintage so I grabbed my new white Go-Go boots and incorporated them into a few shots.


I’ve also been rejected again by another payment processing company which means the exclusive galleries are still closed. As with any of my photos, the same rules apply that were in place when the payments were working: please don’t manip the photos and/or distribute them unless I’ve given you permission. They are here for artists to use as reference, to give photographers and costumers ideas, and for your personal enjoyment. If I can’t make money off of them, neither can anyone else.


Above photos were taken in New Jersey by JMH Images. You can join CosplayDeviants and see a full Power Girl set of me getting out of the cape & vinyl!

Below are con/appearance candids:

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