OCT, 2010 – I like to share the rather unrefined images of my modeling as much as the finished professional photographs. I always love the “BTS” (behind the scenes) of how movies are made and other photoshoots are done. I still remember an HBO Special about the making of one of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue when Kathy Ireland was first on the cover. There’s just something interesting about all the work and unsung heroes that go into making a finished product.

These pictures are from my Halloween modeling session with artist Jay Fife. He has some special plans for incorporating some of these poses into his pin-up work. So you just may be able to buy a print of Jay’s drawings of me some day.

What you get here are the “messy” BTS shots where there’s no particular backdrop for a clean scene; it’s just my house complete with buckets of laundry in the way and white boxes of comics hogging up space. The televisions were in the background playing blues on a streaming music station and we just having a great time.

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4 Comments on BTS with artist Jay Fife

    • Who said I’m not working for schools? I wasn’t able to model during the day which was most of my modeling jobs (like Kubert’s) but I just did 2 months in one studio with occasional days in a school. But to answer your question what ELSE am I doing – I’m writing and podcasting. If you read the blog posts, everything is thoroughly detailed.


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