AMBER LOVE 15-OCT-2015 This crime noir audio presentation was rolled out for the backers of Patreon.com/amberunmasked and have now been further edited to include some simple intro/out music. Now, I’ll still remind you that this isn’t a fabulous professional production. I used several different microphones and computers while trying to keep things at AmberUnmasked running. Plus, there were a couple weeks of me having a cold. That being said, you might find the switch in chapter quality a little jarring at first, but I did what I could to make this happen – loud traffic outside and bad mics be damned.


In this short story of Vodka O’Clock Noir, some gay men of New York City ended up in the middle of a murder mystery. Jordan’s boyfriend Ari, a seemingly boring financial expert by day and casual drug user by night, was found in the alley next to Freddie’s Lounge during Jordan’s birthday celebration. It seemed that the police simply didn’t care about the investigation. Jordan and the club DJ, Max, teamed up to uncover the threads and revealed the killer.


Audio Book by Chapter:

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