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I’m Elizabeth Amber Love (yes, that’s my real name), writer, model, podcaster, public speaker and blogger. I graduated with a Communications degree and never seemed to be able to put it to use until blogging and podcasting were invented. I focus my posts on comic books and other entertainment. I absolutely love interviewing people. I guest host on a couple of comic book podcasts and launched VODKA O’CLOCK in March, 2012 where I interview people from all walks of arts and entertainment. If you enjoy this site and all the social media content, please consider sponsoring at Patreon.com/AmberUnmasked or sharing the Patreon link. The easiest place to find my social media links is at About.me/amberlove.


In 2011, I began writing comic books and guest writing for the SUBCULTURE webcomic. I’ve created HOLYOAK, THE TEEN DETECTIVE, SLIM & POSH and in 2012 I was a co-writer for the SHAKESPEARE SHAKEN anthology on the story, NO. 130, FOR LOVE. For 2015, I wrote a story illustrated by Carolyn Belefski for the RISE: COMICS AGAINST BULLYING anthology. New for 2015, I have a short story in PROTECT volume two, PROTECTORS: HEROES to help lobby for better child exploitation laws. Coming up, one of my stories will be part of one of my favorite titles ATHENA VOLTAIRE.

My first solo book, THIRTEEN LESSONS LEARNED ABOUT CAM GIRLS was published through Kindle Direct in 2014 and CreateSpace in 2015. You can also support it through PubSlush.

In 2016, the first two medium-boiled cozies in The Farrah Wethers Mysteries came out: CARDIAC ARREST and FULL BODY MANSLAUGHTER. The third installment, MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE is scheduled for 2017.

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I’ve been into costuming my whole life but only started partaking in this “cosplay” movement since 2006 when the “Amber the Stylist” character was first conceived. Since then I’ve enjoyed making my own unique versions of well known characters such as Wonder Woman, Moonstone/Ms.Marvel, Firestar, Power Girl, Black Cat, Rogue, Harley Quinn, and Sue Storm. I was NJ’s Wonder Woman 2007-2013 at the annual fundraiser for domestic violence hosted by Comic Fusion which has raised over $50,000 over the years. I’ve done some obscure characters like Queen Neva from Planet Gigantic, Ace from Royal Flush Gang, Amazonia from Love and Capes, Claire Voyant the Black Widow, Hotwire from The Awesomes, Madame Web from Spider-Man, Starling from Birds of Prey, Modesty Blaise, Rumor from Umbrella Academy, Andromeda from Legion of Super Heroes, Star Sapphire from Green Lantern, and Twilight Guardian. Non-comic related and perhaps my favorite thing is dressing as Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation.


Modeling started for me in 2009. I work for private artists, photographers, museums and schools throughout western New Jersey. I have been booked as a booth babe at trade shows. I love every minute of it! I added adult glamour modeling to my portfolio in 2010.


My business is modeling and costuming some of which is adult oriented. Visit my site on your own terms and understanding of this. If you are grossly offended by the human form do us both a favor and leave now. You can still enjoy my old reviews and current vlog reports at YouTube. New reviews are all posted here though under the Reviews tag. And my podcast, Vodka O’Clock, is audio so you don’t have to look at naked bodies while listening to that.

I’ve collected the most often used sites at About.Me. I guess I never mentioned it before, but I’m on Pinterest too. I prefer it over Instagram and Tumblr, but each thing has their own “thing” they do better than the others. Unfortunately, I can’t get one name on all the networks so it might be hard to find me. I’m also listed on ello (never use it to be honest), and wattpad. I think wattpad might really open up some doors for posting writing in ways that WordPress and a url haven’t done. We’ll see. I’m still editing another novel and looking for work. As always, Twitter is the best place for now to find me.

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Age: 43
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 174 lbs.
Meas: 45-38-41

RANDOM TRIVIA: I also carve pumpkins and read tarot cards.

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28 Comments on About Amber & Social Media Links

  1. Amber,

    Loved your interview with John Schneider. He seemed easy to talk to, and your questions were well timed and well thought out. That interview brought me to you site which is awesome. Love your pictures, and your willingness to share your enthusaism for costuming and your beauty with the rest of the world. I’m sure you hear it all the time, but let me say it again, you are one amazingly attractive and talented woman. Keep up the awesome work!


    • Thank you, Kol! I really like Zatanna which is why I do hope this new series of hers brings out some strong character development. The maker of that comic strip you linked to seems to have problems with Z’s outfit but I have disagree; she’s a stage magician. Out of all the characters in the DCU, her outfit is the one that probably makes the most sense because it’s something a person with her vocation would actually wear! Wonder Woman is a dignitary (or at least was somewhere in her history) but I doubt an ambassador would travel to far off lands in an armored bathing suit. I bought a top hat and fishnets so it’ll be a long slow process but eventually there will be a Zatanna outfit in my future.

  2. Hey Amber, Great web page! You’re a lot like my younger sister…into a lot of the stuff I’m into…well, in her case, it’s due to having an older brother who read and worked in/taught comics.

    But, I’d like to get your take on late Silver/Bronze age comics/artists/writers.

    I personally love Jack Kirby. To me he IS comics. Though, I don’t live in the past, I feel comics today wouldn’t exist without the King…(and Stan, also )

    Your thoughts?

    And, when are you coming to a Boston Con? I’d love to say hello in person!

    Take care,

  3. You know amber I love your style in fact it’s always been a fantasy of mine meeting women in costumes speaking of which I wanted to know you’re going to comic-con soon been trying to go there for years…. Anyway just thought you might you use some company (ok here’s the thing I’ve never been on a road trip in my life so I ‘m trying to use some zen in life to help balance my need for moods… yea) sorry for being a little nutty when you’re turning 30 you want to accomplish a few items in life you want to discover so yea.

  4. Sorry about the spelling kinda been a downer so like I said comic con… God I wish I can date you it’s been a pleasure of mine to bring my mother down a peg crap I miss being 16 and full of mischief .

  5. I had a question, it says here you have a wish list. What is involved? You place the order on Amazon.com and the item is automatically sent to you direct? In addition I have enjoyed your blogs and Cosplay costumes for some time and thought it might be nice to gift a fellow New Jersey resident. it would be a thrill to meet Cosplayers such as yourself just for a photo opportunity. Thanks

    • Hi, Geo
      Yes, anyone can set up an Amazon WishList. In fact you can create more than one if you wanted to keep something more private. It ships directly to the person and there’s usually an opportunity during the checkout to include a note so the recipient can know who sent it. http://amzn.com/w/3LA0HE3DKNJPL

      There are plenty of opportunities to take cosplay photos considering all the conventions, fundraisers and comic shop events that go on. If you’re interested in anime, cosplay.com members post about meeting up for picnics and photo sessions. I don’t do that. Anything I do is usually focused around Comic Fusion in Flemington. Just join any of the cosplay sites or Facebook groups and introduce yourself to people. That’s how it’s done.

  6. Hi Beautiful!!!

    Quick question, how do I get a password for the password protected parts of the adult section of the site?

    Thanks so much!!! LOVE you and your site!!!!


  7. It is coming closer to Philly-Con and as previously emails, you will only be able to attend one of the three days and I am hopeful to meet you in costume as a Cosplayer. I will be in attendance on June 1, 2013 Saturday in addition I will be attired as a Green Lantern. I would like to appear on your blog if possible, if not only to meet and have a photo opportunity. Thank you very much.

    • Hi, George
      That’s great that you’ll be representing the Green Lantern Corps at Philly con. I do not take requests to appear on my website though. Thank you for your interest.

    • Thank you! That’s a photographer who keeps bugging me to work with him and has copped serious attitude because I just got a day job 9-5 and I’m not available when he wants. He can kiss my ass.

  8. Mrs. Delaney,

    First-time at your site; came across it while looking for Marvel costume patterns. Your Mockingbird page was incredible; your plans and pics were astounding, which leads me to the next topic.
    Would like to get your input on a costume I’m putting together, specifically (and yes, it sounds absurdly stupid as it seems so simple) with a hood. Since you are incredibly talented with pattern making, your input would be greatly appreciated. Left my e-mail address with my reply, so please feel free to contact me with your response.
    Thank You

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