My pumpkin carvings throughout the years. It seems DC is the most requested.

2004 Elektra inspired by Greg Horn's art2004 Elektra inspired by Greg Horn's art 2006 Feedback, Comic Fusion, Black Cat
2006 Feedback (from Feedback #1), Comic Fusion, Black Cat 2006 Black Cat, original art by Terry Dodson 2006 Black Cat stencil
2006 Neal Adams' Julie Newmar Catwoman2006 Catwoman stencil 2007 Superman stencil, original art by Mauricio Melo
2007 Jim Lee Batman
2007 Superman w.i.p. 2007 Superman
2008 Captain America w.i.p. (from my favorite page in CIVIL WAR) 2008 Captain America w.i.p. 2008 Captain America
2008 Virginia Tech logos 2010 Batman, orig art by Scott Cohn. (Notes)
2011 Wonder Woman (Reis)

2011 Batwoman (Timm)

2011 Harley Quinn (Dodson)

2011 Harley Quinn (Timm)

2011 Celtic Raven (WildSpirit)

2014 Rat Queens logo (Image Comics)
2015 Legion of Super Villains logo
2015 Gotham's Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor)
Amber Love Gotham Penguin Pumpkin
2016 Darwyn Cooke's Catwoman

The Year 2020 was already a disaster so it makes sense that my pumpkin carving for the year was terrible.

After this disaster, I redeemed myself with a simpler design a simpler design however it was the first one I used myself as reference for.

handmaid pumpkin finished and lit up

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