12-OCT-2011 This carving is a commission of HARLEY QUINN based on the art of Bruce Timm. Probably the last carving for this year.

The perky cosplay goddess known as Han Pan rarely dresses as characters other than Harley Quinn. She can sometimes be found with her companions at conventions formed as the Gotham Girls or Gotham City Sirens as they are more currently known. When it comes to her Harley costume, Han Pan prefers to use black makeup for the mask so that her eyebrows can be properly animated in different expressions; something she says you don’t find with prosthetic or leather masks.

I took the Timm pinup and added some cityscape and the Bat signal to the background.

The steps are the same as the Batman pumpkin. You can also see the other DC pumpkins created by me: Batwoman, Wonder Woman, and a different Harley Quinn based on Terry Dodson’s art.

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