AMBER LOVE 06-MARCH-2012 TEEN DETECTIVE was created and written by me with art from JAY FIFE and inks by MARK STEGBAUER and lettering by THOM ZAHLER. This 10-page story was created for the anthology SHELTER published by the Creative Compassions imprint. Proceeds from the sales went to Food on Foot, a Los Angeles charity to feed the homeless. You can read about the history of the project and all the artists in my post from 2011.

Tori cvr 001 lorezTHE STORY:

TEEN DETECTIVE is inspired by Jay’s daughter ERIN FIFE who is an incredibly talented kid that will be a star before she can legally drink. Yeah, she’s that creative and dedicated to arts already. Naturally I couldn’t help but add a little of myself into the formula for a strange girl that wears goggles and has a penchant for mysteries. The fictional TORI is a 13-year-old Freshman in the Student Film Club with her best friends Jackson and Carter (named after my friend’s dogs).

Tori, Jackson and Carter have natural teen rivals in Amanda, Duncan, Lavender, Autumn and Chloe. Teen popularity, cliques, costumes and literature exams plague Tori and her friends. When Mr. Adams creates a contest where the team with the highest grade wins a cash prize for their favorite club, Tori finds the outcome rather suspicious.

TEEN DETECTIVE is suitable for all ages.

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  1. Can I have permission to use one of your images for my Detective Art Camp for ages

    11-13? The one that says Teen Detective. I would direct them to your website.

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