Superhero Weekend recap #SHW2013

So many people helped Comic Fusion hold another successful fundraiser for SAFE in Hunterdon during October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month initiative. My financial figures are all rounded but after seven years, our total raised is somewhere around $45,000.

What’s new for the 2013 Superhero Weekend Charity Auction at Comic Fusion?

The 2013 NJ SUPERHERO WEEKEND AND WONDER WOMAN DAY to benefit SAFE in Hunterdon will be hosted by Comic Fusion on October 5-6 in Flemington’s Turntable Junction shopping village. Comic Fusion will auction superhero sketches to raise money and awareness for this domestic violence charity.


If you knew me before, I don’t expect you to call me Amber or Love. I do however expect you to not give me shit, weird looks, or mock my name that could only possibly be that of a stripper or porn star. Fuck yeah, I do adult work too, fucking deal with it.

Thank you for another great Superhero Weekend! 2012 recap

AMBER LOVE 09-OCT-2012 Stacy Korn announced on her Facebook profile that our efforts for this year’s Superhero Weekend raised somewhere around $7,000 for SAFE in Hunterdon. Superhero Weekend would not be possible without the art donated by the talented and generous people of the comics industry. They get a lot of requests for sketch donations [...]

Recaps of NJ’s Superhero Weekend Through the Years

From 2007 onward, the owners and staff at Comic Fusion in Flemington, NJ have hosted an annual SUPERHERO WEEKEND. The event is two days to raise money for the domestic violence organization in the county, SAFE in Hunterdon. This event’s primary activity is a large comic art auction which has online bidding available. In store, customers can bid on the art as well plus there are other activities like raffles, guests in the comics industry to meet, and plenty of cosplay.

TEEN DETECTIVE part of SHELTER at #CreativeCompassion #Comics

I’m pleased to announce that my comic book short story is well underway. It’s TEEN DETECTIVE for the Creative Compassion all ages series.

Cosplay Deviants Links

Using any of these banners and links will click you through to the website which is full of gorgeous geeks, male and female! You’ll enjoy every glorious second of it.

HOLYOAK the comic available

This weekend I am so happy to be bringing my very first printed comic to a show. HOLYOAK is a short five-page story with additional material that will be available at the Comic Geek Speak Supershow in Reading, PA (Apr-30 – May 1).

Amber guest writes SUBCULTURE, the webcomic for geeks by geeks

28-MARCH-2011 I’m thrilled to announce that my story arc for SUBCULTURE begins today! Stick around for eight parts of geekery about gaming conventions, comic shops and Free Comic Book Day.

AmberUnmasked, the store – a strange new oddity on the internet

New cafepress swag available from!

Facebook Fan Page – Like Me!

I really have been devoting way too much time to checking every single profile of a friend request that comes in through Facebook. It bothers me that people can’t sometimes even upload a profile picture but I’m supposed to be “friends” when I share everything. There are also tons that have only a few friends [...]

Paid Section Officially Closed!

I just received notification from PayPal that they consider my site in violation of their Terms of Service. They have closed down my account and will not allow me to access it nor give me the money in it. Their notice even says that I cannot petition them to argue my case. This is why [...]

Mea culpa. While we’re talking about harassment in comics…

Today, I’m bringing out the one thing no one has talked about, at least not that I’ve seen in the several feminist blogs I follow: the role reversal.

VODKA O’CLOCK 1414 with @ckosek about #defaulttrigger #studentloans

Comic writer/artist CHRISTOPHER KOSEK the creator of THE DEFAULT TRIGGER, a cyber-noir that includes a wild conspiracy about student loan debt. Would you take a deal of working at a secret job for two weeks to pay off your student loans

Costumes: Rocket Raccoon (@Marvel) Cross-Species Genderbent Cosplay?

Anyway, I bought a puppet a few years with the plan to make a Rocket costume for it. Today, I decided to try and make the costume for Caico instead.

VODKA O’CLOCK 1413 with artist @JK_Woodward

One of my all-time favorite artists, J.K. WOODWARD comes on the show to go over the projects on his very busy schedule.

Castle Point Anime Con by @vampricyoda

This weekend I attended Castle Point Anime Con. It’s a one day show up in Hoboken up on the Castle Point College Campus.

Costume: Hughes’ “Women of DC” Wonder Woman

It’s based on the famous poster by Adam Hughes titled WOMEN OF DC and features all the popular ladies in white formalwear except dear Selina Kyle who was added after the fact so he put her in all black.

LOVE, LOSE, EAT or I wish I had my life as together as Elizabeth Gilbert

I’m still processing heartbreak of the past year. I’m beginning to think that my brief moments of romantic happiness were a cosmic joke and I’m merely carbon based entertainment for a bored god. I bet if I put all the tweets about my love life together, I’d have a one-hour special on Comedy Central. Instead of EAT, PRAY, LOVE my memoir should be LOVE, LOSE, EAT.

2-HOUR VODKAVERSARY SPECIAL with @andeparks & @lordshaper!

The first part of this episode Ande Parks and I go over our celebratory cocktails, his latest works including CIUDAD and his final issue of the LONE RANGER comic; Damian Smith was game for a drunkcast to celebrate his birthday. It’s about I had him on the show because he’s performed some sysadmin miracles to debug this website at times.

Always the Fool

I had been made an even bigger fool of than originally thought. I’m talking epic as far as relationships go. I wasn’t only the butt of the joke to him but all his friends knew the truth.

Intimate photography? Love it or hate it? (#nsfw)

One topic that has been the source of an extremely ludicrous amount of arguments for me in relationships has been photography.