2011 – I was privileged to have time with professional photographer TYRUS FLYNN at New York Comic Con. Tyrus is based out of New Jersey. I didn’t have professional pictures of the spy suit I made for the character MODESTY BLAISE; it’s a versatile black catsuit which can be used for a multitude of characters including TWILIGHT GUARDIAN, CATWOMAN or BLACK WIDOW (AVENGERS). You can’t really go wrong with having one of these in your super wardrobe.

Yes, there was 2004 film rubber stamped with the name of Executive Producer Quentin Tarantino. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie as an intense thriller about an exotic woman in a casino but it wasn’t really Modesty Blaise from the O’Donnell comics.

There isn’t much to my tutorial on this costume because it was almost completely made from a commercial figure skating pattern; only slight liberties were taken with the zipper placement and collar design.

I cherry-picked some of my favorite images that Tyrus snapped. Please visit his gallery for the full set at SmugMug.

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