MAY, 2011 – These are the stressful steps taken at the CGS Supershow over the weekend of April 20 – May 1 where I had a booth dedicated to superhero costuming (with loving long distant support from the Superhero Costuming Forum!). The character I created was Marvel’s Black Widow but NOT the one most people think of. Most people immediately think of the red-haired Russian spy, Natasha from the Avengers (and Iron Man II movie fame). I was more taken with the Black Widow from THE TWELVE.

Using the design by Chris Weston, I came up with some basic modifications to a figure skating pattern and a Renaissance cape pattern. I wasn’t happy with the “Veronica Lake” wig from Vogue Wigs and their customer service SUCKED. The wig was the right length but terrible quality. I got a much better wig at FRAZETTA’S COSTUMES in East Stroudsburg, PA but it’s a “flapper” style so it’s very short. The boots and tights I already had in my wardrobe. I added a bit extra black eye shadow to what I normally wear and that was basically it.

The challenge was to complete it over a two-day convention rather than a 24-hour straight marathon. Did it in ten hours!


9:45 am: I wanted to start with something easy so I stitched the interfacing to the collar and then stitched up the sides of the collar before beginning the main part of the body suit. It took a LOT of pins to get that spider logo onto the front panel and even with a lot of care, it ended up being a bit off-center and crooked.
10:41 am: I tried zig-zag stitching the spider with a black thread. It was enough to give a temporary stitch but the stitching looked horrible. I went over it with grey thread using a really wide zig-zag stitch that more closely resembled embroidery.
12:14 am: Finished the applique with the black thread and went on with the grey.
3:21 pm: Install the zipper into the back panels. Get the back panels stitched together. Then they were attached at the shoulders to the front and crotch.
4:48 pm: Stitched up the sleeves and installed them.
5:10 pm: After the sleeves, the collar was attached.
5:20 pm: Body suit FINISHED!

10:17 am: Began sewing the cape. It wasn't lined because the concept is that it's supposed to be very translucent. Unfortunately that means the seams are really visible. I ran into a lot of trouble getting the gathering around the neckline to cooperate.
1:00 pm: FINISHED! Peter Rios kindly announced the completion and I modeled by the podcasting area for a few minutes before making rounds. The cape came out WAY too long so that will be trimmed at a later time.


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