20-MAY-2011 After hearing about this unusual Asian hipster nerdcore rapper, ADAM WARROCK, I had to see him perform as soon as possible. Warrock, whose real name is Eugene, raps with great skill on subjects of video games and comics. You can listen to a lot of Adam Warrock’s song for free on his site. I’m particularly fond of Starving Artist and I Believe in Harvey Dent.

The venue was Littlefield in the yuppie neighborhood of Park Slope in Brooklyn. Hipsters abound on every block. I felt completely out of place but I had back up, Smashley and Bunche. It was a welcome change to have Smash accompany  me on the hellacious journey from the west side of New Jersey through two+ hours of traffic. My road rage surfaced within the first hour of “fun” at the Holland Tunnel. Moments like that are when texting and netsurfing while “driving” are perfectly acceptable because otherwise I was ready to exit my car and start some shit with the honking bastard behind me. It was bumper-to-bumper. Where the hell was I going to go? So you can see how my trek to the city is rife with excitement and when friends ask me to “pop in” for a night, I’ll likely decline because it’s no easy task.


The night opened up with some comedians followed by the musical graces of The Ampersands, a new wave scented brand of nerd rock. Apparently I failed to say hello to Aaron McQuade of The Ampersands when I was waiting to talk to Warrock after the show. My bad! Aaron and I have been tweeps for a while and I can say either assumed everyone around was also waiting to talk to Warrock or it was the three delicious cocktails called Stormy Weathers which I consumed that kept me from noticing anyone attempting to talk to lil’ ol’ me.

Smash, Bunche and I wrapped up the night at the 200 on Fifth for munchies and coffee. Oh how I wanted a Nutty Irishman Coffee but settled for straight up Joe as I awaited the long drive home. The three of us produced some more barnapkinart and bartableart which was tweeted. When I get around to it, I’ll upload pics to the facebook gallery and flickr.


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