AMBER LOVE 05-AUG-2014 People are tired of me talking about cosplay online and convention harassment. I’m tired of talking about it too. I’m exhausted that our subcultures of comics, video games, RPGs and movies have these opportunities to be outlets for millions of people but there is an embedded virus that won’t go away. I don’t care if these are people who were bullied as kids and now they have a microphone and a camera so it’s “their turn.” I don’t see the point in sticking a camera in someone’s face in order to humiliate them. Today’s lesson comes via the Been Better tumblr which pointed out the abusive behavior of a podcast called SCREEN JUNKIES.

Perhaps a big difference is the motivation of the podcaster. I’m not commercial so I’m not worried about impressing a team of jackass producers with stunts since “asinine” ends up driving up viewership and subscriptions.


* Get the press person’s business card FIRST before they conduct any interview.

* DON’T SIGN their release form until after the interview because jackasses like BREAK.COM will use what they have if you signed first; they will not respect your wishes AT ALL if you request something not be used.

break sdcc 1

In this episode of SCREEN JUNKIES, this host Hal Rudnick harasses a Xena cosplayer badgering her when she wouldn’t answering one question then pushes to see where her limit is by asking if she pees standing up (at 3:20 mark). I’m intentionally not linking because I’m not going to add to the ego of people who get off making others embarrassed. By 4:15, the Green Lantern with Xena tried to warn a bunch of female cosplayers about what tactics Rudnick uses in his interviews. At 6:10 he asks the Suicide Girls if “being a Suicide Girl is about pissing of your Dad.” While 3 of the ladies thought it was funny and went along, you can see the obvious discomfort in the one girl who said no, that’s not what it’s about.

break sdcc 2

In the playlist for this channel, they have videos dedicated to “Finding Bewbs.” He’s a dick who actually takes a bite out of an older woman’s apple prop which was part of her Evil Queen costume. Watching that clip, you can’t help but feel sorry for that woman who clearly was enjoying herself and had put a lot of effort into her costume. She looks like she’s in her late 60s and was there among the immature delinquents of comic con and one of them just had to try and ruin it for her.

By this point, I’ve had a enough of Rudnick’s antics. I have better things to do then sit through his ideas of fun which are my ideas of driving away people from the comic con fanbase, humiliating, embarrassing, and alienating all those people who maybe you had something nerdy in common with.

Hosted by Hal Rudnick:
Series Created by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner
Executive Produced by Andy Signore
Directed by Andy Signore & Dan Murrell
Edited by Dan Murrell & Aaron Moles

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