06-DEC-2011 If you’re a comics fan, the theory of parallel worlds is nothing new to you. This story comes to us from SPACE.com. It’s not an argument about a parallel world exactly but at least gives us hope into other “Class M” planets. 😉


Humans have probably pondered the concept of a parallel world long before the theory of a multiverse, (1895) which is more specific to being a world not only habitable but also containing our lives in a different time line with its own events. Researchers have been using the Kepler telescope and have discovered that there are in fact over two thousand potential worlds out there for homo sapiens that may be capable of sustaining life!

Does this mean there may be another you or another me on some other planet like DC’s “CRISIS” or does is only mean that there’s a planet we can move to when we’re finished fucking up the Earth? It would be amusing if the STAR TREK Mirror Universe existed and that there was a version of me running about like a badass in a miniskirt with thigh high boots as is apparently required; current Earth-1 Amber hates high heels and has a love of leggings under the mini.

The Kepler scientists aren’t the only ones working on new planet discovery though. Considering that cutbacks of NASA’s space programs which have been dwindling from the US budget crisis, it’s good know something is still going on for our non-terrestrial exploration.

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