Amber Love 09-JUNE-2012 This X-MEN suit was part of my summer “Summer Scrap Sewing Costume Challenge” and is the third suit so far that I’ve successfully created from things in my current inventory. This will be listed in my Etsy shop. Check out our own ASHLEY modeling the suit to show it off!

I’ve used up a lot of the spandex that I had in a big box. I didn’t have enough to make a full length blue suit with a yellow leotard to go over it. I need to piece it all together conservatively using the colors.

This was based on an adorable pinup of Kitty Pryde that I found on the net. I have no idea who the artist is or if Kitty ever wore it. I found comic covers that show something pretty close but not exact. I think this is more like one artist’s interpretation based on the blue/yellow First Class style Kitty.

I began drafting the pattern on May 29, 2012 and spent two hours on it. Then on the 30th, another four hours of drafting and mocking up a test piece followed by two more hours of cutting out the final fabric. Then I went to Wizard World Philly and didn’t get back to the X-Men suit until June 6th for a six hour day. I finished with two hours on the logo.

Total hours: 16

I tried to assemble all the sections where I could use yellow thread then move on to the navy blue. Why? Only because I’m lazy about changing thread colors constantly. I went through two bobbins of blue and three of yellow, if not more. I also note that this was one of the worst times I ever had installing a zipper. No idea why. I just couldn’t do it.

Most of the pieces were basted then overlock stitched after it seems things were okay and lining up enough. There are a couple spots in the color blocking where I didn’t get my seams lined up perfectly.

Bust: 39-43
Waist: 33-36
Hips: 39-43
Height of Model: 5’7″ 

Took elements of different commercial patterns and worked on some extra fabric to create pattern pieces for a suit that would have briefs attached to the torso and the leggings.
Came up with a pattern for bikini style bottoms that wouldn't require a seam in the crotch. After testing the mock up, the waistline was raised on the final fabric for construction.
All the pieces cut out.
The first thing I did was take the 2 pieces of fabric for the collar and assemble them with a layer of interfacing. Then I assemble the sleeves so they're ready near the end of construction. I added some subtle yellow topstitching to the blue upper arm.
I attached the lower leg (yellow) to the main leggings (navy). I found an "X" stitch in my machine settings so I used it as a topstitch decoration just below the knee, holding down the seam allowance of the navy to the yellow.
The back panels were assembled then the front panels. I did almost all the steps where I would be using yellow thread first so the inseam of the leggings and the side seams of the torso followed those.
The red faux belt was basted to the top of the briefs after the briefs were attached to the leggings. I took in the briefs and belt at the side seams where they were too baggy.
The front and back of the torso were attached in yellow thread at the shoulders and blue thread at the sides; then the sleeves were installed with yellow and so was the zipper.
Time for the first test. The top was attached to the bottom. It came out much roomier than I expected and definitely for someone taller than me.
A look at the back and how the briefs came out after I decided the pattern for the bikinis was too low-riding.
On the dress form.
Preparing for the logo design. Click on the image to see what everything there is. It's basically red and black pieces of spandex, quilter's tape, and you need interfacing (not shown).
Details are on the images.
The final look before cutting off the excess interfacing.
Attach logo to the suit.
Close up of how the logo came out once attached.
June 7, 2012

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