29-APRIL-2011 This is an exciting week! First I was written into a great webcomic for two days! CAPES N BABES creator Chris Flick and I met last year at the Baltimore Con. His spunky werewolf is reminiscent of Teen Wolf and since I’m pretty sure I’m not that much older than Chris, I wouldn’t doubt that he remembers it.

And now to trek out beyond the lands of the Amish to Reading, PA for the COMIC GEEK SPEAK SUPERSHOW!


In case you missed my previous posts about what’s going on at CGSSS, I’m going to be undertaking an insane experiment. Inspired by 24-HOUR Comic Book Day, I’m going to do a “marathon” of costume making right at my booth. I will be constructing my Black Widow (from The Twelve) costume designed by Chris Weston* and hope to get it finished early enough to actually have some time wearing it. Since I can’t do 24 hours straight, it’ll be spread across the two days of the show. With the wonderful support the Superhero Costuming Forum, I have a few badge lanyards to give away to people in costume with our web address on it so you don’t forget where to go for any costuming and prop making assistance.

* You might know Weston’s other work, THE BOOK OF ELI which was a major motion picture starring Denzel Washington. Follow Chris on twitter @westonfront.


Last but certainly not least…. I’ll have my first printed comic short story available for sale at the booth! I have 75 copies of HOLYOAK (ok, 73 after giving two copies away to loved ones) so stop by and pick one up for a mere $2 which is the cost of the printing. I’ll even doodle a head sketch on the last page for you.

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1 Comment on @CGSSupershow, here I come! #cgsss

  1. LOL! Girl… I saw Teen Wolf IN THE THEATERS! In fact, I had a small little crush on Boo when the movie first came out. I’m honored you think this old dude might even remotely be younger than you…

    In fact, I’ve often thought about shaving my goatee for conventions in order to make people believe I’m a young whipper-snapper instead of the old dude I really am (but that’s just vanity thinking way too much).

    Glad you got a kick out of both of your Capes & babes appearances. Drawing you in cartoon form was really fun! 🙂


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