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AMBER LOVE 31-OCT-2014 I absolutely love when I realize I can put together a reasonably believable costume from things in my closet. That’s how I created the BIRDS OF PREY character STARLING in 2013. Yesterday I realized that since I purchased fishnets a couple months ago, I had everything else needed to made another BoP character BLACK CANARY. I like some of the new 52 elements of her outfit; I pretty much hated the Smallville version; and I love the Arrow version from the currently running show. However, what I pulled together was more of the classic comic book look, kind of in the style of Cliff Chiang. I love the animated one as well that has the blue tights under the fishnets but I didn’t have the tights to make that adjustment so, classic it was. The yellow bits were from the style that was used in the era I know Mike Norton was on the book but the bodysuit for that is a (much more comfortable looking) zipped up sleeveless leotard. So this little experiment I did was kind of a mixture of the two.

black canary wm halloween 2014 (20)

As I said on Twitter, there were plenty of outtakes because it was me with the time lapse setting and no photographer. My mother looked out to see what I had come up with and even noticed my nipple completely hanging out of the corset – SO THAT HAPPENED TOO.


I had bought the fishnets to occasionally participate in the Twitter and Facebook fun #fishnetfriday. If you’re ever in the mood, find that hashtag. The Facebook page is really friendly and they’re incredibly supportive. There are men who do it too! No one will mock you.

Some of the pictures are NSFW – NOT SAFE FOR WORK. They are hidden under the accordion that you have to expand if you want to see them.







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    • Not anymore. Some people had requested them years ago so I spent the money to have several printed but it just wasn’t worth the cost. Printing in low volumes never really makes good financial sense.

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