AMBER LOVE 2012 The last costume I was able to create in my self-imposed Scrap Challenge is this gorgeous ANDROMEDA suit. It’s got a great mixture of milliskin spandex and stretch glitter velvet spandex. When you don’t know what to do with scrap spandex, start researching the Legion of Superheroes. You’ll find every color combination.


When I was researching the character on ComicVine (where else?), I noticed that the costume was orange but a bit light. It’s not pastel but it’s a more on the range of yellow than to red. The only orange I had was vibrant orange, you can’t mistake it for anything other than orange closer to the red side of the range. I debated on whether to proceed. Do I sacrifice the color accuracy or choose another character? I obviously sacrificed the accuracy because in my opinion, it’s not that off.

I was able to use almost a complete commercial figure skating pattern but I only had to make minimal modifications to Kwik Sew 3502.

Started: June 14, 2012
Completed: June 16, 2012
Designing: 2 hours
Cutting: 4 hours
Sewing: 8 hours

ANDROMEDA pattern pieces were based on Kwik Sew 3502 Figure Skater pattern. Color blocking mods were worked out muslin then the pieces and logo design were cut. Shown here pinned to dress form.
With color blocking mods to a commercial pattern, you assemble the pieces that get you back to large pieces matching the commercial pattern. Then you can follow the instructions provided.
Before the top is fully assembled, applique the chest logo to the center block. Then it will be easy to treat as one piece when stitching to the orange side panel.
I like to assemble the sleeves early so they are ready to go when it's time to put them in.
The color pieces were attached with overlocking stitches, then the allowance was pushed towards the black and topstitched.
A look at pinning the color blocks.
The front of the top is assembled and the back panels are assembled (leaving center open for zipper).
The front is attached to the back at the shoulders and side seams.
The front edge of the collar is attached to the neckline. It gets folded over during zipper installation which is the next step.
Sleeve installation is pretty standard.
A look at the sleeves after stitching.
This pattern has built in panties. The front and back pieces are attached at the side seams leaving the crotch open.
The skirt pieces are attached to the panties (wrong side to right side) then treated as one unit to attach to the top of the suit. Complete by sewing the crotch and installing elastic around the leg holes.
COMPLETED June 16, 2012, close up of chest logo
View of Back
Shown in outdoor sunlight
Shown in indoor lighting.

Since the costume had been for sale on Etsy for two years and never sold, I decided to wear it one of the days of SUPERHERO WEEKEND in 2014.


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