AMBER LOVE 18-OCT-2012 Today’s VODKA O’CLOCK episode 1233 features the dynamic duo of writer PAUL ALLOR and artist THOMAS BOATWRIGHT to talk about their comic ORC GIRL which has received high praise from Gail Simone and other professionals that saw previews of the book.

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Before ORC GIRL, Paul was best known for his independent volume CLOCKWORK and his IDW work on TMNT: FUGITOID; Thomas comes from a diverse background in comics, children’s books and educational flash cards.

At around the 27:00 minute mark we nerd about Katie Cook’s work on GRONK and MY LITTLE PONY, now the best selling series in comics. The reason we bring up Katie’s work is for a few reasons: monsters and creatures are cool and fun; an independent creator can find respect in the industry typically reserved for only legendary capes; her first issue of MLP has outsold mainstream comics and worthy of the buzz. Then we have a short rant about STAR WARS revisionist history.

Paul describes his motivation was to create a coming of age story set in a fantasy world. Thomas shares his process for creature design: his choices in using a lumpy base body form rather than humanoid based on their story, needs, movement and friendliness to the audience. This was a huge issue when Paul researched orcs online and found only sexualized female bodies with orc heads; Thomas on the other hand, didn’t look up any other orcs when making the design.

“An orc to me is not a stripper that happens to be green. That’s an Orion slave girl.” ~Amber

Creating a strong female protagonist that isn’t a muscle-bound action star is a real strength in Paul’s work. He even said he finds half of his main characters are female because it’s something he wants to see. Paul finds influence for character creation in the authors Greg Rucka and Ross Campbell.

“The main character didn’t have to learn to stand on her own or like, leave her man behind or anything like that. She has a family she comes home to but she’s still an individual and she has her own issues she’s dealing with from her past.” ~TB

Tom’s impeccable method of showing expressions on each individual character, human or creature, stands out among some of the greatest emotional expression in comics. Among his artistic endeavors, he also sculpts small figurines based on his original characters including pirates, ghouls and undead creatures. He grew up using drawings as a communication device when he felt too insecure to talk to people. He said he was never comfortable dealing with the public and lives a reclusive life hiding behind his art.

Paul will welcome bloggers and comics press that want to cover ORC GIRL and get previews. Paul [at] KokomoCon in Indiana takes place October 20 where the public can purchase their own copies of Paul’s work. After that you can get it online through

Also, don’t forget you can ask Paul all about the wonderful things at Comics Experience Book Club and Creators’ Workshop.



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