AMBER LOVE 21-OCT-2016 Today, you can pre-order the Kindle version of FULL BODY MANSLAUGHTER, but not the printed version yet. When I sat at my desk Thursday at 8AM, I put on my headphones, opened Audacity, and expected to work on editing the next podcast episode. Instead, I was wise enough to check CreateSpace for the status of the FULL BODY MANSLAUGHTER files.

Good thing I did because things weren’t quite right.

Kindle Preview App vs Online Kindle Preview Tool

I thought the file looked okay, but as I said, I found some “off” text in my printed proof copy; I was going to leave it be since it wasn’t super critical to the reading experience. But then I began to go through the steps to convert to Kindle and that’s when shit hit the fan.

I was warned that this might happen. It wasn’t clean enough in appearance for me to live with. And then — because software tools never seem to be on the same dictionary — the Kindle preview found a typo that Word hadn’t caught. That meant I had to decide whether to leave the typo in the printed books or not. I figured I’d try to correct it in the formatted Word file and remake the PDFs.


Ugh. One little change in a formatted file became a big ordeal. The PDF shifted whether the pages fell on the right or left (odd or even page number) and everything went to hell. Previously, I fixed this by inserting a page with a black and white image of the cover art. Instead I just left it blank because I was tired of dealing with it.


I had to fix the HTML files with different problems (still can’t figure out why it won’t display images even though the code is correct, so just took the author photo out). So I was simultaneously testing both formats — while one was uploading and saving, I was in preview with the other.

Jump to 10AM and I think things are settled and safe in the hands of Amazon reviewers for another round of checks.

Full Body Manslaughter on Kindle

With the Kindle version, I was able to set up a pre-order option with publishing date of October 31, but I don’t see anywhere to do that in the printed version. The Kindle price will be $4.99 and the printed $14.99 with the prices of Cardiac Arrest now reduced.

Full Body Manslaughter cover




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