Costume Tutorial: Ms. Marvel / Carol Danvers (Marvel Avengers) 

Date: Completed September 9, 2011.

Debut: October 1, 2011 at Superheroes for Hayley fundraiser

I’ve started embarking on costume challenges. In the Spring I gave myself the challenge of building a suit at a convention and created the Black Widow at the CGS Supershow. Here, I decided to try and make a costume without spending any money. I used items from my wardrobe and fabric in my boxes. In the end this only cost me $11 for the gloves.

Just needs a few seam touch ups where the elastic is rolling outward and showing. *smirk* Always something. Since I didn’t want to spend money on it, I wore over-the-knee socks with knee-high boots already from my wardrobe. I worked on the bodysuit over the course of two or three days.

I’ll be recycling the mask I had used for my original Black Cat costume since it’s basically the same thing. The mask was made by Xtreme Design FX.

I’ve made 4 different Ms. Marvel themed costumes! (Black & Gold Carol Danvers 2011, Ms. Marvel Animated 2012, Captain Marvel Carol Danvers 2012, and Dark Avenger’s Ms. Marvel 2015).

ms marvel cosplay
Sketched out how large the chest logo needed to be. As it turns out, after I compared mine to other people’s, I think mine is too small.

The foot needs to be lifted a lot to keep from dragging on the vinyl. I don’t have a teflon foot. Wish I did.

ms marvel cosplay

Installing the zipper.

ms marvel cosplay
Not sure what on earth I did differently here but for some reason, there’s a really odd section at the low back area that pooches out. I’ve used this pattern before (with sleeves) and didn’t have this issue.

ms marvel cosplay
A look at the finished suit.

Since it came from scraps, the sash is three pieces sewn together to get the length I wanted. I also sewed about a 12″ on either end together to make it hide the seams. It gives it a more finished look and the midsection that actually goes around the body can be bunched up the way she’s drawn.

ms marvel cosplay
Modeling the finished suit.

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