06-OCT-2011 I carved this Celtic Raven pumpkin based on artwork I found on DeviantArt by member WildSpiritWolf.

The design looks primitive almost tribal in style as commonly found in Celtic knotwork and modern tattoos. To Celts, the knots signify a particular value like eternity, love, loyalty, etc. People have taken that concept and combined it with totems like this raven. Wolves and horses are common fetishes also. (*That’s “fetish” in the talisman sense).

I needed a wedding gift for a special friend of mine, Meghan. In a couple of days, she is finally marrying Tony. They’ve been together for a long time and their wedding plans have gone awry. This is their third wedding date. And now that the date was pushed back more than once, they’ve already started their family having a new baby girl.

Here are the steps in the carving process. I left out the descriptions since it’s the same as all the pumpkins I’ve featured here. (*see Batman for steps*) This one took about 1.5 hours to set the dots on the funkin then another 1.5 hours to carve.

Design by WildSpiritWolf on DeviantArt


Lit up!

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