featurebanner_ehmmtheory_interviewAMBER LOVE 07-MAR-2013 This week’s alcohol-infused episode of VODKA O’CLOCK features a dynamic duo of incredible talent from the new Action Lab Entertainment imprint, Danger Zone. BROCKTON MCKINNEY (writer) and LARKIN FORD (artist) joined me in discussing their collaboration process for EHMM THEORY.

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Not a classy episode but, damn, was it fun. Godzilla. Cat poop. Scotch.  Porn. It’s all here. EHMM THEORY revolves around the character Gabriel Ehmm who finds himself newly dead and taking orders from Saint Peter. Gabriel is joined by his adopted foul-mouthed kitten, Mr. Whispers. The inquiring minds will get their answer to whether Brockton adopted a kitten for a woman who then broke his heart. Gabe’s quest for his biological father then becomes a major story development in issue #1.

“Both of us are pretty blasphemous at this point.” ~LF

Hear the story of what it was like for Larkin to be asked to pitch their finished work to Action Lab, a company that’s particular about the quality of books it’s publishing following successes like PRINCLESS, DOUBLE JUMPERS, and NFL RUSH ZONE.

“I guess I wanted a spider on my butthole.” ~BM

That’s a fun quote no matter what, but we were discussing drunken tattooing which lead into the development of a brand new character hopefully to appear in EHMM THEORY named Jonathan Spiderman, Attorney at Law.


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