12-SEP-2011 Thirty years ago today, SPIDER-MAN & HIS AMAZING FRIENDS debuted on NBC’s Saturday morning cartoons.

If you’ve browsed the galleries here at all, you can tell what a fan I was of that cartoon since it was the reason I made my FIRESTAR costume in 2008.

I’m happy to see that the series is available on DVD. You can reconnect with great episodes that take our heroes into a “Tron-like” story of a video game villain or meet other heroes like Professor Xavier and his diverse mutant team, the X-Men! Spider-Man toils with his emotions because he’s not a mutant but a side effect of that infamous radioactive spider while his best friends Firestar and Iceman do fit in with the X-Men. He’s an outcast among outcasts. He encounters Shocker, Doc Ock, Mysterio, and the Scorpion.

I know can’t be the only one that pretended moving a statue on my shelf would spin a wall around into a secret room of high tech controls, computers and loads of bleeping terminals. My cousin Joey and I would fly around his background as Spider-Man and Firestar (when we weren’t Superfriends).

Do you love that painting I used in the banner? It’s the work of J.K. Woodward, best known for all of his years on IDW’s FALLEN ANGEL; he’s involved in a collaborative new graphic novel called EVERLAST by Chad Michael Murray.

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1 Comment on Happy 30th Anniversary, Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends! @Marvel

  1. Loved that show! I was 11 when it premiered. Introduced me to a number of Marvel characters, especially in the 7 Little Superheroes episode. The animation in the individual origin episodes was fantastic.

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