08-SEP-2011 There are only a few days left to back Brandon Jerway’s kickstarter project UNTOLD TALES OF THE COMICS INDUSTRY, a behind the scenes documentary of what goes into making comics. The crowdfunding campaign ends September 15, 2011.

Jerwa explains the reasons why this project is important:

“This is a film for everyone, whether they’ve read a comic before or not. It’s about passion and love and success and aspiration. We never intended to raise money, but we realized that we could make this even bigger. Why not try to defray those costs if we can? I feel about this film the way I felt when I was breaking into comics. This is what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Jerwa and crew set out to interview many people involved in the business including writers, artists, and even journalists that cover the beat. It looks like a diverse set of subjects in his interviews including Ben Templesmith, David Gallaher, Elliot Serrano and Matthew Sturges to name a few. Jerwa has set out to answer a few key questions:

“More and more people are finding their way to the comic world’s greatest characters via games they’ve played and movies they’ve seen…so why aren’t comics selling through the roof? Why is the industry struggling to survive?” @jerwa

Like all kickstarter campaigns, there are different levels of sponsorship which have rewards accordingly. This is a unique way to show support for the industry that brings so much entertainment to us. The comics are the source for so many blockbuster movies, video games, cartoons and television programming. The documentary looks to bring viewers inside information directly from the people that make it all happen.

“Truthfully, we never intended to raise a single dime toward making this film. We were so inspired by the interviews we conducted in San Diego, however, that we’ve decided to push this as far as we can. Your donations will help fund filming trips to New York City, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon.” @jerwa

More information can be found at ComicDocumentary.com.You can follow Brandon @jerwa.

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