SUPERHERO WEEKEND is a 2-day celebration at Comic Fusion in Flemington, NJ. Oct 29-30, 2011. Activities include the comic art auction, raffles, exclusive purchases, photo opportunities with costumed heroes, and a chance to meet some of our artists.

Each year, Stacy and I attend as many conventions as possible on our meager budgets to spread the word about our fundraiser. This is the sixth year that we’re relying on the comic book community of creators, fans and publishers to help us out. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It’s overshadowed by the cancer fundraisers and it’s a subject most people aren’t willing to discuss. To read a little about why we do this, I created a post with some data about NJ’s crime statistics and real life stories.

We’re off to a great start. The following artists have already donated: Herb Trimpe, Neil Vokes & Tom Schloendorn, Ken Branch, Mike Lilly, Michael Golden, Tyler Kirkham, Jake Warrenfeltz, Dave Ryan, Arthur Suydam, Chris Flick, Ethan VanSciver (though he promises me more!), Doug Baron, Frank Kadar, Bonk, Khoi Pham, James Nguyen, the Fraim Brothers, Michael Dolce, and Donna Barr. Stacy is hosting the facebook gallery on her personal profile as well as at the official site.


The items in the past that have fetched the largest bids have been colored mixed media on bristol board 11 x 17. We’ll accept inked and penciled sketches, prints, signed books and original comic book pages. We prefer the subject matter is suitable for all ages, non-violent (weapons-free) and not inappropriately gratuitous. In other words, not everyone’s idea of female empowerment is T&A with costumes having thongs up the butt.

Please include: your name, mailing address, email, website and a scan of the donation if possible because we don’t have a good scanner and need a .jpg to add to all the galleries.


We also have contributions from Fred Bonaugh of autographed memorabilia from CASTLE’S STANA KATIC and comedic actor PATTON OSWALT. We have some new items signed by the casts of GLEE and BIG BANG THEORY.

Ladies of Comics


If you’re interested in being one of our costumed guests please let me know so we can start building a roster. You can SIGN UP AT FACEBOOK if you want to be part of our group of costumers. Guidelines for dressing up are at THIS facebook event (you may need to expand the description).


* CHARLES WILSON III of The Stuff of Legend

* KEN HAESER of The Living Corpse
* CHRIS FLICK of Capes and Babes
* JK WOODWARD of Fallen Angel, Everlast
* JAMAL IGLE of DC Comics






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7 Comments on 2011 SUPERHERO WEEKEND for domestic violence awareness Oct 29-30

  1. Thanks for posting about this Amber and for helping with the event.

    As the founder of the event, I would be remiss in not pointing out the lead webpage, on which ALL items from each of the THREE Women Of Wonder Day events are posted, along with official guidelines for contributions, information about the domestic violence charities and resources benefiting (and national charities), and much more.

    That website is

    It’s updated at least daily with news and more contributions!

  2. Would there be any interest in a donation of a few copies of a novel? My wife’s first novel was released today (, and I’m trying to get it in as many hands as possible, however possible.

    It’s a middle-grade/young adult book (10+) about a young girl who uses a combination of smarts and perseverance to break a curse on a group of 12 princesses.

    I know it’s not illustrative art, but I thought it might be something that children might enjoy (as people directly affected, or children of people affected). I could have her sign them (although she currently doesn’t know I’m looking into things like this), although as a new author I’m not sure how interesting that might be.



    • That’s a lovely idea. We would be able to use them as door prizes or as part of our raffle prize packs. Deadline for sending things in is Oct 1st. Thanks for the thought!

  3. Fantastic! Hope fully I haven’t overlooked it, is there a certain address I should send them to? (or even an Amazon gift list address that would stay anonymous, if necessary).

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