02-SEP-2011 Labor Day weekend most people are thinking of either an extra day off from work, or in my network of friends, the massive convergence of costumes called Dragon*Con. This weekend also serves as the annual reminder that there are many different forms of Muscular Dystrophy and all of them need cures.

The telethon will be live SUNDAY Sept 4 from 6pm – Midnight.

I looked through the MDA’s photo gallery of people making a muscle. This is a “simple” action for most of us. You don’t think about contracting the different branches of your biceps brachii in the upper arm nor extending the opposing triceps on the other side. You don’t think about hinging your elbow joint. You just flex your arm. The MDA has an easy-to-read list of diseases that affect the muscles. Seeing the gallery of other “average everyday” people making a muscle for the website inspired me to send in a photo of myself dressed as Power Girl where I strike her trademark making a muscle pose. Not sure if they’ll use it, but I sent it.

I encourage all my friends in the costuming community to send in their alterego photos as well. Show all the people of the world that, while we may be “weird” or “nerdy” we also help others to bring awareness, educate, or raise money for organizations like the MDA. Heck, I know Batman does! I met him last year at the walk-a-thon the MDA held inside the Newark sports arena.

Even celebrities come out each year to help with making public service announcements and to entertainment in between pledge drives for the Labor Day Telethon. Did you know that MAX ADLER who plays the mean bully Dave on GLEE is an advocate for the MDA? “His late mother and grandmother had facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD). His mother Lisa, a former dancer and art teacher, received an FSHD diagnosis in her early 40s after experiencing gradual weakness in her shoulders and arms. (mda.org)” Get your Gleek on by making your pledge this weekend.