featurebanner_DeliriumDesign_conCGSSS Star Sapphire Walt SimonsonAMBER LOVE 03-JAN-2013 One of my favorite comic conventions of all time is the Comic Geek Speak Supershow co-sponsored by Wild Pig Comics. It’s a small show in Reading, PA where people from all over the world gather to celebrate the Comic Geek Speak show and each other’s work in the geek community. Everything from making comics, talking / blogging / podcasting about comics, collecting original art and cosplay are highlights of Supershow.

In general, fans pass up a show like this because they don’t see the advantages to a small venue. First off, no insane lines for anything! Then you can consider that you don’t have only 30 seconds to talk to a creator; you can chat for 5-10 minutes (but please respect that they are working and have things to do). You can also come across creators that you might not have given a glance at a big show where the aisles are crowded and the lines are long because you can’t lose your place to meet J. Scott Campbell after an hour to scan through the portfolio of the talented folks at the next table. It’s also Podcast Friendly — meaning other podcasters record right there at the Supershow. You’ll probably see people from the Lanterncast or Half Hour Wasted or Legion of Dudes .. plus me from Vodka O’Clock.

Another important advantage to Supershow is the camaraderie. At other shows, there are after parties that have “exclusive” VIP areas or parties separating celebrity creators and professionals from the attendees. With the small exception of the guests of honor having a bite to eat with the CGS hosts, EVERYONE meets up after dinner at the same bar. There’s no elitism. No VIP anything. If you spot Jamal Igle at a booth, you can politely go up to him and say that you’re a big fan of his work on SUPERGIRL and are looking forward to MOLLY DANGER. If you see Walt Simonson smiling while he sketches, you can shake his hand. And if you’re really lucky, you can watch a few magic tricks from Lee Weeks at a show like this. This is also billed as a family friendly convention. The kids won’t be at the parties but they are there at the show running around and making new friends. 

What you need to know can be found at the CGS Forums (link above) and I suggest you register. It’s helpful to begin planning the trip. Lots of people share rooms and carpool. Others are flying in and need to be picked up from the airport — anyone volunteering to help with that sort of responsibility gets the gratitude of the entire group because all of us want people there.


2013-02-13-DeliriumPatternLast Supershow, I used the influence of 24-Hour Comic Day to have a similar challenge with sewing. I had done the construction steps of my Claire Voyant costume while at Supershow. I did the designing and cutting at home. This year, things are evolving as they should.

I’ve recruited one of the CGS/WildPig artists, Bill Ellis who co-creates the comic ALL NEW ISSUES. Bill also does con sketches and it was a small print of Neil Gaiman’s character Delirium from The Endless/Sandman that wow’d me one day. I asked Bill if he’d be interested in designing fabric for this year’s Supershow Runway Sewing Challenge in a Delirium theme. Happy to say, he agreed!


I don’t think Bill has ever delved into the world of fashion design before but this might be an interesting catalyst to expand his artist avenues. I, for one, am thrilled and quite excited. So is our AmberUnmasked Feature Editor, Ashley who will be the model and recipient of the dress that is planned. It’ll be the same as the pinup wiggle dress I made for myself to wear last year at Wizard Philly.

If you’d like to help fund this unique project, please contact me at amberlovescomics [at] gmail [dot]com. Customized fabric is much more expensive than retail fabric. Our fabric was manufactured by Spoonflower (combed cotton, half-drop pattern).

Hopefully by midday on April 7, there will be brand new Endless couture to show off. Of course we will do our best to live tweet the progress @elizabethamber and @smash_is_nerdy.

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