AMBER LOVE 17-MAR-2017 I guess it’s no surprise I went a little nuts on Twitter with gifs to celebrate Guster Nabu’s one year adoptiversary and birthday. I figured I may as well preserve the fun here on the blog. I guess I could storify it, but the gifs will look better this way.

Psych Gus car dancing happy

Since it’s my Gus’ adoptiversary I’ll share some Gus gifs of his namesake.

Psych Gus party favor celebration


Psych Gus origin

Gus was originally “Angus” from and one year ago he came home with me. <3 Now he’s Detective Inspector Guster Nabu.

Gus You Know That's Right

He loves spending time out on the porch and this cold weather has caused some cabin fever. He’s bored & knocks over garbage cans.

Gus funny face cringing

He’s good about covering his poops but they could be weaponized and launched to the White House.

Gus Harry Potter schedule

Sometimes, my Gus changes his schedule but for now it’s 5:30am breakfast then playtime then nap (work with me by desk) then playtime.

Shawn and Gus too busy

Sometimes I want him to spend time with me but he’s busy with older cousin Oliver, biting his butt or watching birds.

Gus nobody's pawn

Besides biting Oliver’s butt, he also tries to hump him.

Gus craves butter

Gus also gets a bit of my faux cream cheese or butter from my bagels.

Gus updog yoga pose

He’s an expert at stretching.

The Catch and Tap Man

He’s working on a secret identity for solving crimes but is totes cool with being Detective Inspector for now.

Gus broke into the Ministry of Magic

It was new at first, but now Gus likes to help me out with some spells and tarot readings.

Gus says Shawn is a real white guy

Gus loves his Grandpa, but woo boy, sometimes he needs some space.

Gus: we are dealing with a crazy person

Sometimes my uncontrollable crying leaves him confused. He recommends pills and Netflix.

Gus as Sherlock

Even when he was nervous about a new home, he was happy to be adopted and begin his new life as an ace detective helping me write mysteries <3

Happy Adoptiversary & Birfday to my Gus!



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