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Sound note: There’s an inexplicable clicking in the recording again. Both pieces of software updated so I’m wondering if that’s the source. I’ll keep looking into it. And apparently since the Skype upgrade, my mute button doesn’t work either.

Jeremy Holt has been on Vodka O’Clock several times so we kept this as a freewheeling discussion about writing novels and comics.


Jeremy discussed his success with at Monkeybrain, a formerly digital-only comic publisher. “Art Monster” never was completed because the art had to move on, unfortunately, but I think it’s an important lesson about how life in comics can be. He also did “Skinned” with Tim Daniel through Monkeybrain originally and there’s going to be a print version coming out.


Jeremy shared his experiences with pitching comics and finding his literary agent – and how those two events intersected with the novel he’s working on, “Skip to the End”. The whole “breaking into comics” thing was broached including DC’s workshop contests and how there’s a trend to hire TV writers and novelists before giving indie comics writers a chance.


Jeremy opened up about his personal issues with identity as an Asian-American, adopted son, and one of a triplet who fortunately was eventually adopted together though separately in foster care. Regardless of his Asian appearance, he often feels like “just another white guy” because of how his life played out. He usually includes the theme of identity in his comics. We briefly discussed the whitewashing of Asian characters.

“I deal with this identity crisis of like, I look in the mirror, I know I’m Asian, but I don’t see an Asian person.” Jeremy Holt

His brother Justin works in the film industry in the effects world with a lucrative career. Jeremy’s other triplet brother Chris owns a CrossFit gym. Chris was the one who dug into their childhood history and discovered that Jeremy was separated from the others for the first year of their lives.

Jeremy Holt

Houdini and the drive to be famous before the internet!

Jeremy has written about Houdini before and is still working on another project based on him in a way. We chatted about what “Instagram famous” means and how it would have meant nothing without ambition and skill in vaudeville.

This segued into Jeremy’s love/obsession with Nirvana and how that has been a core part of his latest projects including a comic and his upcoming novel.

“They did something legitimately awesome to put themselves on the map.” Jeremy on Nirvana

You can also hear my confessions of love for Michael Bolton and Kenny G while I was a youngster in college radio.

Snuck away from the convention to pay my respects.

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Funding, income, and running Kickstarters were also discussed in this episode. How managing your pro life even with a day job requires self care (breaks, moving to a different place for writing, cocktail time, playing with pets). Jeremy used to go to a coffee shop that didn’t have WiFi.


  • Tini Howard
  • Donny Cates
  • Jake Smith with a new comic, “This Offbeat Town”
  • Black Mask Studios
  • Vault Comics


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