07-OCT-2011 The city council of Topeka, Kansas is considering repealing its ban on domestic violence and no longer try misdemeanor cases to save costs.

Since the county stopped prosecuting the crimes on September 8th, it has turned back 30 domestic violence cases. Sixteen people have been arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery and then released from the county jail after charges weren’t filed. “Letting abusive partners out of jail with no consequences puts victims in incredibly dangerous positions,” said Becky Dickinson of the YWCA. “The abuser will often become more violent in an attempt to regain control.” (thinkprogress.org)

If you follow my feed, you are aware that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I co-organize New Jersey’s Superhero Weekend with Stacy Korn of Comic Fusion. This is our annual fundraiser to raise money for our domestic violence organization, SAFE in Hunterdon. Last year, our comic art auction and raffles raised over $16,000 due to overwhelming support of the comic professionals and fans like the Marston family, Allisohn Sohn, Adam Hughes, Jamal Igle and Steve Gordon among many more from the U.S. and across the world.

To support the effort being made in our New Jersey community, you can let us know you’re coming October 29 and 30 via our Facebook event.

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