October 13-16, 2011 is the massive convergence on the east coast otherwise known as New York Comic Con. I’ll be there all four days.

Thursday and Friday are being reserved for my “pro” days where I plan to get to some panels and network with other creators. My “hit list” of people I have to see so far includes Bobby Timony, James Kuhoric, the 215ink booth (one of my new favorite publishers), my fellow models at the CosplayDeviants booth, and the Kubert School booth. There’s a meet up of peers from Comics Experience but I have to miss it because I will be at the Rock Comic Con Concert seeing Kirby Krackle and H2Awesome. There’s also a Geek Girls Network party and an Indie Comics party planned for Saturday at the same time so I’ll be cloning myself by then. You can purchase my prints from Cosplay Deviants and I’ll  happy sign them if you can find me.

Most importantly, if you’re a podcaster or press and would like information about the annual charity fundraiser for domestic violence, please message me about interview times. My email is amberlovescomics at gmail.com. Comic Fusion’s Stacy Korn may be available Thursday or Friday if I’m not. SUPERHERO WEEKEND is Oct 29-30 at the shop and Oct 30th is the official WOMEN OF WONDER DAY. If you’re an artist and need to have your donation picked up, please email me or Stacy to make sure we don’t miss you. If we do, the mailing address is: Comic Fusion, 42 Main St, Flemington, NJ 08822. Thanks!


People have been asking me what costumes I’ll be wearing and it’s going to be a low key costuming year for me. I’ll be one of the LEGETTE super spies for the CURLS STUDIO booth (B16) on Saturday from noon until at least 1:00 or 2:00 with Carolyn Belefski. I love Carolyn’s art so much and the fact that she created burlesque super spies is pretty darn fantastic! Find me there. Carolyn’s art was featured on our t-shirts for the 2010 Wonder Woman Day at Comic Fusion.


A group of ladies led by Jill “the Nerdy Bird” Pantozzi will be spiffy representatives of all the colors of the Lantern Corps. Jill invented the “Classy Lanterns” showing a unique approach to what dignified Lantern Corps members would look like going out on the town for an evening of non-war activities. I’ll be in red as a Rage Lantern. My mother helped me out with accessorizing properly to be a Classy Rage Lantern. I promise not to vomit blood on anyone – not on purpose anyway, the hangover Sunday may be disastrous.

I will be joined by Jill Pantozzi (blue), Ashley Neuhaus (black), Kristin Rielly (white), Melissa Kay (star sapphire), Ali Coluccio (indigo), Beth Kaboth (green), Lisa-Michelle McMullan (orange), and Josie Kavadoy (yellow).

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