16-AUG-2011 CHAIN WORLD, the comic book experiment is the brainchild of David Lewis, an indie comics creator from Massachusetts. Yes, it’s another comic book kickstarter campaign but perhaps, the most unique one you will ever hear about. Campaign ends Sept 29, 2011.

CHAIN WORLD will start with a cover and a page one; then get circulated out into the world like a campfire story where anyone who gets their hands on it, can add a page to the sequence. Professional comic artists are going to be sporadically contributing and have already pledged involvement. Their contributions are the only things anchoring the project from being 100% random.

Celebrated IDW and past Marvel artist, J.K. Woodward launches the project with an original illustration for the book’s hard cover. The other professionals that are onboard are: Jason Copland, Chandra Free, Lea Hernandez, and Ben Towle. The small goal of $2,150 is going to have the book created in a one-of-kind binding and for the five pros helping to propel it to completion.

I hope the book comes across my table. Even though I’m a terrible artist (as you can see by my #bartableart), I would love to see how this project comes along. Maybe an artist that gets it would bring me on as his/her writer for a page.


*chain brush by http://chrisdesign.deviantart.com/

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