featurebanner_bombshellWW_newsAMBER LOVE 06-AUG-2013 A couple weeks ago, the nerd rock band THE DOUBLECLICKS had an open call for video and photo submissions for women and their male supporters to denounce the #FakeGeekGirl insult. As you may recall, I came down on the more controversial side of the issue not too long ago because I do, in fact, believe there are less than honest people out there who are looking to take advantage of people; however, I also firmly believe that it is our duty to begin with open arms and welcome anyone to a convention, comic book shop, gaming session or cosplay charity event to allow the opportunity to expose an “outsider” to something new that she might love.

The official music video launched and quickly went viral. Besides the wonderful “everyday women” you might not know by name but who spend time being dungeon masters, cosplayers and scientists, there were several famous male peers that got in on the action: Wil Wheaton, John Scalzi, Jon Kovalic, Adam Savage. There were a couple of my personal favorite nerd women in there too, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Marian Call.


It didn’t take me long to decide to give it a whirl and make an “audition” clip. If the band liked it and needed a reshoot, they would ask. I got a lovely email back saying they did love my submission but there was no commitment with approval or rejection. This projection is being handled so lovingly I hesitate to even call it “rejection” and I do appear in the credits which is incredibly courteous of the. They simply didn’t have the room for everyone’s clips and photos. So they decided that in all fairness for the world to see what we created, they made a tumblr where anyone can send in their response to being a geek, having your geek credibility checked, and other sexist issues you may have encountered in the various fandoms.


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