08-FEB-2012 Anyone who has paid attention to my comic con appearances might remember the year I appeared as AMAZONIA from Thom Zahler’s comic LOVE AND CAPES. Yep, I’m an uber nerd about that book. It’s probably the comic I most recommend and always the answer to: How Do I Get My Girlfriend to Read Comics?

I definitely know Thom best for LNC but I try to support all of his work. Now it’s time to do so again since he’s activated a Kickstarter campaign seeking $4,300 to produce an art book. It’s a campaign full of great incentives including being drawn into LNC.

Why should you support Thom? Countless reasons: he’s talented, funny, delightful to talk to and knowledgeable on all sorts of trivia. I have him on speed dial just in case I ever get into the Cash Cab. He’s also daring. That sounds odd, doesn’t it? How can a cartoonist be daring? He once embarked on a crazy plan for 24-Hour Comic Day involving setting up a mobile studio inside a mall where people could watch him make a comic book the same way you watch a fish in an aquarium. Thom is also generous and a post donor to our annual comic art auction against domestic violence held in New Jersey.

It would do the world of comics some good to see a Thom Zahler art book available. Consider this your chance at the “Kool Aid.” You’ll donate to the Kickstarter, love the art, and become a huge fan of LOVE AND CAPES which will gateway you to other comics at IDW Publishing. Next thing you know, you’ll have your own pull list and end up with a Comic Vine app on your phone. You’ll thank me later.

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