I completely forget about things like birthdays during normal times, but last year’s 2020 quarantines, closures, and panic made that year simply not count at all for me.

My schedule this week is full but I have case files to write! And manuscripts to edit! And one book draft to finish! And I thought by now, I’d have another cat comic script done. This was supposed to be done by the end of August. That was my vision anyway.

Phoebe lisa kudrow

It’s been a great year in some ways — not in all the deaths, sickness, constant fighting, and Nazis — in ways like Gus and I getting to spend so much time together having adventures and having this opportunity to observe wildlife in a way we hadn’t had before.

bear volkolak cub

Share Some Love:

If you could help share the links to my books and Patreon or leave reviews that would be fantastic! Monday, Aug 9th is National Book Lovers Day (which is really every day) if that’s any incentive for you to make lists and share them. I’ll even make it extra easy for you with pre-written tweets:

  • BEAR ROOTS: Ursula thought protests & social media would be the extent of her animal rights activism. Then she learns her friends are volkolaks, human-bear shapeshifters. Laws are broken, spells are attempted. #books #MR #NA #WoCprotag #UF #LGBTQIA
  • FARRAH WETHERS MYSTERIES: In her 40’s with a new career, divorce, a loyal bff, and bills to pay, Farrah navigates a world of wealthy clients and murders. #mystery #amateursleuth
  • FARRAH WETHERS MYSTERIES: Farrah navigates a world of wealthy clients and murders. #mystery #amateursleuth #crimefiction
  • FULL BODY MANSLAUGHTER (Farrah Wethers book 2): Farrah & June end up embroiled in the mystery of who killed a CEO amid animal rights activists and employees with motives. #mystery #amateursleuth
  • MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE (Farrah Wethers book 3): Farrah tries to protect her pregnant client Lenore from abuse, harassment, and attempts on her life while pinpointing who the culprit is. #mystery #crimefiction (CN: partner violence, miscarriage)
  • MISTY MURDER: Fame comes at a price after horror author Bertie Saxe dies and there’s a serial killer dressed as his iconic character on the loose leaving the Saxe family in the spotlight. #horror #slasher

Decoding the hashtags for publishing, bearing in mind it’s somewhat basic and could be specific to other codes like from Pitch Wars guidelines. MR = Magical Realism, NA = New Adult, UF = Urban Fantasy, etc.

black cat Gus


Here’s text you can copy and tweet/share for Insider Art:

  • Don’t forget you can get or gift the massive @ProjectInsider comic book anthology for $10 on Gumroad. Proceeds go to the retailer fund. Stories include creators like @burrsho @EricaSchultz42 @CorinnaBechko @definitelyvita @elizabethamber #comics #cats

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The annual Free Comic Book Day celebration was postponed from its usual May celebration to this coming Saturday, Aug 14th. However, due to the COVID variants, I don’t know anyone who is going to comic shops to celebrate it. I suspect people may stop in to grab their free things and leave. No artists signings or cosplay presence. PROJECT INSIDER is a pay-what-you-can comic on Gumroad, but we would really appreciate if people could pay $10 or around that since it goes to our retailer fund for LGBTQIA comic shop owners affected by COVID closures and hard times.

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