STACY KORN knows how to live life to the fullest. She travelled the country to visit friends, family, and to grow in the comics industry. She has families in theater, families in gaming, families in comics, and of course the local Flemington, New Jersey community of small business owners.

In 2007, Comic Fusion began an annual comic art auction and fundraiser for charities. It continued until 2017. From helping victims of domestic violence to supporting the volunteers advocating for foster children, Stacy and Comic Fusion have always done everything in their power to lift up others.

Stacy Korn

This fund was created with Stacy’s permission. The goal of $16,100 holds special meaning because it was the total from our highest charity auction in 2010. In total, Stacy’s perseverance with all the staff and volunteers ultimately raised over $60,000 for other charities. Now it’s time to raise money for care strategies and research into ALS which could make lives better and longer.

Stacy Korn
Stacy’s most memorable vacation was visiting Yellowstone in 2014.

We need to let people with ALS know they are not alone. ALS affects more than nerve cells and muscles, it affects families, friends, co-workers, and communities.

With no known cause or cure, ALS challenges the human spirit and tests the courage of everyone touched by this devastating disease.

However, we can work together to create a Community of Hope that restores dreams and builds courage. Our community gives strength and hope to our loved ones, neighbors, and friends facing the fear and uncertainty of ALS.

Your gifts will make this possible. Please click the donation button to the right and give generously.

Thank you for helping us build a Community of Hope!

stacy and amber
Stacy & Amber 2014
Superhero Weekend Charity Fundraiser

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