AMBER LOVE 01-SEPT-2015 I watched another good TEDx Talk this morning (yes, I’m one of those) and it helped bring together some thoughts in my rather foggy head. I’ve been sick a lot this year, as you know, but now I have an actual cold instead of the allergy/hive/bites/insomnia nightmare of the rest of the year. Anyway, this speech reminded me of the things I have discussed with women I look up to like Kristen McHugh and Nicky Mortlock. I interviewed Nicky a few months ago and she’s found her purpose in life. It’s a great story.

“One of the things I learned better from Kristen and other women in my post-40 years is that “selfish” is not a bad word. It shouldn’t be. Taking care of oneself is not only common sense but a good practice. First of all, how the heck can you care for someone else when you’re not well? Second of all, why do you think you deserve less than wellness? I admit that I have shelves filled with self help books. Some good, some cliche.” My Patreon post.

To read the rest, visit my Patreon page with the embedded TEDx video and other narrative by me about pitching autobiographical (the epitome of “selfish” work) articles. 🙂


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