AMBER LOVE 19-JULY-2014 I’m slightly more awake, but not by much. Today my celebration of all the support and love that’s gotten me to over one million views of the website and the encouragement to produce over 100 episodes of Vodka O’Clock means that I’ll be tweeting up a storm this weekend. That’s not all that different from any other weekend, but I’ll try to give some extra love all around to my favorite creators, writers, teachers/mentors, retailers, friends, photographers and cosplayers.

It took a few hours just to make a short Thank You video. Watch through the credits to see a short list of some of the comics and writers I recommend you check out. There’s always more. I try to tweet every time I’m enjoying a book or convention.

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2 Comments on One Million Views Celebration!

  1. Congratulations, Amber! The quality of your content here really speaks for itself. I found your blogs years ago due to my interest in superhero costuming (Harley Quinn, at the time), but it’s YOU — your awesomely genuine personality — that keeps me coming back for more! Vodka O’Clock podcasts, reviews, costume tutorials, critiques of misogynistic practices at cons: all of your content rocks. You have a unique voice here on the internet and I’m so grateful that you’re generous enough to share that with your readers!

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