AMBER LOVE 06-JULY-2014 Hilarity and vulgarity ensue when I interviewed CLAIRE CONNELLY and ERICA SCHULTZ about their comic book, THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF WINSTON CHURCHILL: A DOCUMENTARY. It’s a trippy time traveling story you’ll want to read. There are dinosaurs. That might not be your thing but trust me – these are wickedly creative versions of dinosaurs. Not to mention, the main character, dear ol’ Winston Churchill, is a hoot.

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Erica fills in the silly back story to how she wanted to write a comic about dinosaurs. It became a joke that some day her boss would want to see Winston Churchill riding a dinosaur through Parliament. That idea became the cover. In CHURCHILL, you’re in for a wild fun ride.


Claire is breaking ground in the comics business. She was just featured on the Comics Alliance feature Hire This Woman. I recommend her Animals projects with Eric Grissom for stories of anthropomorphized animals that use humans as a food source. But the stories aren’t preaching about the care and inhumane treatment of humans; those are mentions in the backgrounds of the panels. The real heart of the stories are about the relationships, racism and classism of the various species. Claire loves her indie comics. She’s reading PROPHET, TRILLIUM, WAKE and grassroots indie books from conventions.



Besides her creator-owned work, Erica is the new writer on Marvel’s series REVENGE based on the popular female-led TV show. She shared the way that she was approached for this job and other tips in how to professionally network. The series comes out in September. A preview copy should be available at Comic Con International in San Diego.

In the same vain as professional networking, I asked both creators about time management, conventions and day jobs. Part of this discussion that I think is invaluable is how each defines success (around 27:00 mark). Later there’s more advice for artists and writers about how to present work to editors.

“Each year you have to define success for yourself. There’s going to be too many peaks and valleys.” Claire Connelly

“If you have a story to tell whether through art or writing or whatever, tell your story.” Erica Schultz

Shower scenes of hunky male characters discussed because we’re all about parity of objectification.

Then Wonder Woman and feminism and the Finch controversy. (around 42:00)

churchill-int2 churchill-int1




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  1. I hate to be a bother but you wrote “She’s reading PROFIT, TRILLIUM, WAKE and grassroots indie books from conventions.” Might you have meant Prophet, by Brandon Graham and others?

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