**Just to update since this page gets a lot of hits – I deleted almost all of my X-rated content because people have distributed it without permission. – Amber, Feb 5, 2015

AMBER LOVE 18-JULY-2014 Hopefully you’ve seen all my posts about the annual STEAMPUNK WORLD’S FAIR which I attended last weekend and the reason for three new galleries. Now, don’t get the wrong impression. This photoset has nothing to do with activities there at the show. This set was done because I had a hotel room all to myself and was in it before midnight each night. If you follow my alt (nsfw) feed on Twitter @ToplessAmber, none of this will be news to you. This is a XXX not a cheesecake set.

This shower scene is about 20 photos and hopefully has the noir texture I was going for. I shot all of them with a self timer and time lapse on my Samsung S4. Filters were applied through Camera Zoom FX.

Now… what about that password, you’re probably saying right about now. Well, here’s the thing. I consider certain sets to be exclusive. Really exclusive. I’ll unprotect them once in a while for a day but mostly, these are sets that I’m only willing to share with select followers and friends. These are people who have supported me and my work, been encouraging without making me feel like they’re creepy, and overall nice. There are people who only come around when I have post with “NSFW” in it. That bugs the shit out of me. I do a lot of different kinds of work with my writing, photos, cosplay, modeling, and podcasting. You can email me at amberlovescomics at gmail or find me on Twitter @ToplessAmber for my alt feed. And if I decline your request and you’re a dick to me, I’ll be sure to let the masses know because I don’t put up with bullshit harassment.

If you can’t be interested in more than tits and ass, you’re in the wrong place. Go to tumblr.

If you’ve been granted the password, you just have click the image below or navigation through the Photo Galleries.

2014 SPWF steampunk world's fair xxx nsfw amberunmasked

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