15-AUG-2011 I’m almost certain that I’ll wear my Dark & Strange Alice Liddell outfit on Sunday Aug 21 for the Baltimore Comic Con. I can’t decide what to wear for Saturday though. I’ve narrowed it down to three: Rogue, Black Widow and Ace. What do you think? Post your votes. I don’t have to pack until Wednesday.
I’ll be at the booth of Jake Warrenfeltz most of the time. I hope to circulate a lot more than last year because I think I will know about 80% of the artists at the show and I want to say hello to all of them. Check out Jake’s THINK EASY web comic about a world with no creativity, therefore no one can even lie; people have to break the law to play music, make art or design anything.
This year will also mark my first time covering the HARVEY AWARDS. I’ll be live tweeting the winners as long as my phone works. Follow my @elizabethamber twitter feed and the hashtag #harveys.

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8 Comments on Deciding what to wear to #BaltimoreComicCon – feel free to vote

    • Thanks, Mark. I do like being the only one in a particular outfit but I get really bummed when no one knows who I am like with Ace and Black Widow. I just love the characters and those designs so much. It’s hard not to be Rogue with my hair already done that way. I remember now that I wore that one last year.

  1. Rouge, hands down. I dont know why, but the gut says that’s the right move, and I never argue with the gut.

  2. My vote would definitely be for Rogue. But since you wore it last year I would vote Ace. You look amazing in all of them.

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