I picked up two foam pumpkins from Michael’s craft store for this year. In 2007, I had made a Jim Lee Batman for a prize for the first Wonder Woman Day.  For some reason, I completely forgot to make that Jim Lee pumpkin a page so here are the only images I have of it:


I kept making comic book pumpkins for people as gifts and kept only the Black Cat and Captain America ones for myself. (In fact, the Cap had been a gift that was “returned.”) I wanted a Batman pumpkin for myself because he seems like one of the best examples of a comic book icon befitting Halloween. His rogues gallery fits the season awfully well too. I’m thinking of doing the Mad Hatter as my second piece for this year if I get to it. I used Scott Cohn’s art as the starting point.

Set up for the project. Just on the floor hunched over. Broken hot knife at the ready. Also, just stabbed myself with that knife prior to plugging it in.
Poking guide holes in pattern.
Finished with hole poking.
In progress. Pretty ugly at this point.
Can't even see that there's a Batman in it.
Carving finished. Took about 3 hours not counting the preliminary design time.
Original image by Scott Cohn


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